The Kalao – single item

For conventional knife throwing
Kalao Pierre CazoulatKalao Pierre Cazoulat
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Kalao - Epaisseur / Thickness
Kalao - Plaquettes / Grips
Kalao Pierre Cazoulat
Kalao Pierre Cazoulat

Pour le lancer conventionnel

This knife is available in 2 thicknesses and thus 2 different weights.
With its sober lines and “caruncle” inspired by the shape of the beak of a South American bird of the same name, the Kalao is a fearsome competitor.
It can be thrown either by the handle or blade with equal ease. Its aerodynamic stability is flawless.
Do not be turned off by the heavier version, which requires a little more strength but, more importantly, a total release in the throw.

- Metal: anti-abrasion steel
- Weight: 520g(6mm) and 420g (5mm) approx.
- Length: 342mm
- Width: 46mm
- Polished finish
- Optional leather grips
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