pierre cazoulat palmares lancerThrowing knives designed by Pierre Cazoulat

"I have always been passionate about knives and knife throwing. At the age of 10, I broke my first knife and, by the time I was 16, there wasn’t a single wooden surface in my home that hadn’t been used as a target.
Nevertheless, it was not until a fortuitous meeting 25 years later that I finally discovered the existence of national and international knife and axe throwing competitions!
From that very moment, “la voie du couteau” - the way of the knife - became my path
Pierre Cazoulat

Handmade custom throwing knives signed by Pierre Cazoulat

After 10 years of competing and winning championship titles in Europe and the United States, I now offer my own collection of throwing knives designed and manufactured by my own hands:

Whether you prefer conventional or instinctive knife-throwing styles, whether you are a beginner or an experienced knife thrower, once you set your sights on the fascinating, compelling path of knife throwing, you will be certain to find a knife that meets your needs and expectations in my new range.
These blades are made to withstand all impacts and have been specially designed to stick into their target.
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No spin

L'Orphie - Lot de 3

Le lot de 3 - No Spin

Sales price: 115,00 €

L'Orphie - A l'unité

A l'unité - No Spin

Sales price: 39,00 €
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